Here Comes The Bride – A Sigh of Relief!

No, no, the relief is not because my daughter Julia is finally married!!! There’s no “finally” about it and we’re thrilled to have the best new son-in-law ever in Tim! Well, OK, as it turns out there was a ‘finally’ involved with the wedding…read on.

The relief is because the wedding marked the end of the complex 9 month deadline-driven treadmill of a path Alan and I have been on. It started last October with flying to the Annapolis boat show to look for a boat, flying to Florida, finding our catamaran Swanie, now Vivacia (aka V2), flying back to Baja, back to Florida for the survey, back to Baja, then wound through buying the boat, selling the rental house no thanks to hurricane Matthew, selling our beautiful Vivacia (now referred to as V1), buying a car, buying a trailer (separate trips to San Diego), moving from Baja to Florida (how can we have so much stuff!?), selling the car and trailer, sailing V2 1000 miles to Annapolis for our flight to meet friends in Venice, Italy, chartering a catamaran with them and others in Croatia, flying back to Baltimore, then finally flying to Houston to accompany our daughter, Julia, to her wedding in Emerald Lake, near Banff, British Colombia. Throw in all the requisite logistical complications and glitches along the way and it’s been quite a ride!

But enough about that. The wedding was spectacular and turned out to be rather a story in itself, which I will tell as usual mainly in pictures and captions. First, we had to get there which involved flying to Houston, then to Calgary where we rented cars for the drive up to Emerald Lake.

Emerald Lake was a spectacular venue for a wedding, despite the fact that wedding day, July 1, also happened to be Canada Day in the year of Canada’s 150th birthday celebration in which access to all national parks was free. Can you say crowded? Julia and Tim treated their 30 family and friend guests like royalty, providing gift bags, food, drinks, and activities starting with hot dogs and s’mores on wedding eve.

Wedding day started out bright and sunny and went pretty much as planned with hair, makeup, dressing, and the big reveal of the bride and groom to each other (he’s on the balcony, she approaches behind him, he turns around to see her), followed by a walk to the ceremony venue.

Come the 3pm ceremony time the weather was perfect, the guests were seated. But just a couple people were missing. Uncle Joe had misjudged the traffic delays coming up from Field, and the wedding commissioner was nowhere to be found. Joe arrived. The commissioner didn’t. The sun threw up it’s hands in disgust and let the rain briefly take over. Sun and rain continued to tag team it as half an hour stretched into an hour. Wedding planner reports of “the commissioner is on her way”, and “the commissioner is in the parking lot” materialized and vaporized, only serving to delay the brilliant contingency plan hatched by the quietly panicked bride and her supportive family and friends.

All we heard was that the wedding commissioner thought the ceremony was at 4. Which then begs the question of why she showed up at 4:30. Somehow I doubt their fee was refunded. Through it all the bride was the picture of calm, the guests were happy, and it was really special having Uncle Joe perform the ceremony – ironic since had the commissioner showed on time he might have missed it (though I suspect we would have waited). And why, you might ask, weren’t these people communicating by phone? It just so happens there’s no cell service at the lake.

The reception was loads of fun, most of the group carrying on until the place turned into a pumpkin at midnight.

Monday after the wedding Julia and Tim did a beyond belief helicopter photo shoot. Many guests made a vacation out of the trip, traveling to other nearby wonders of nature. We visited a couple ourselves, which I’ll save for another post. If you’ve made it this far through so many pictures, I thank you!


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11 Responses to Here Comes The Bride – A Sigh of Relief!

  1. John Lanham says:

    Positively excellent!!!

    I’ve heard it said that “…the good ones make it look easy..”

    All of the newly joined family and friends are clearly “The Good Ones.”

    Congratulations, Juliw and Tim!!!

    …and all who made such a beautiful event possible.


  2. Michelle Mazanec says:

    Spectacular, wonderful and utterly charming! I wouldn’t expect anything less from a family wedding. My heart swells with pride and I’m reminded once again of how much I love my family. Thank you for sharing all the pictures; they are priceless and Julia and Tim, oh my goodness; the love between them is magical.


  3. Carol & Jeff Olmstead says:

    Dearest sailing friends, we thoroughly enjoyed this very well presented report of the wedding to top all weddings! I thought ours was great but this one was over the top and still soaring!
    Calm waters and sweet winds always with love,
    Carol & Jeff Olmstead
    SV Timeline, met you & V1 in Santa Barbara, California way back when!

    • SailVivacia says:

      Thank you! We think of you guys often and am are glad you see and comment on the blog. Don’t know if you’ve ever gotten the emails I’ve sent, but hope all is well with you two!

  4. Janet Tilander says:

    Wow, what a beautiful event. Julia is the spitting image of you, Elizabeth. Where will Tim and Julia be living? And you and Alan will be in Florida? Much love, Janet

    • SailVivacia says:

      Hi Janet, thank you! For now Julia and Tim will be in Houston. Alan and I will be chasing warm weather in the new boat on the east coast for the next few years. Probably Bahamas in winter, Maine direction in summer. Come see us!

  5. J Jaworski says:

    Barbara and Bob would have loved their granddaughters wedding.

  6. Jan Howard says:

    Very nice coverage of such a beautiful event! Loved reading it and seeing all the photos! Thanks for sharing,🎊🍾💐

  7. Dave Scott says:

    Well Done! Cheers! Hugs!

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