About Vivacia

Name: Vivacia was a sentient ship called a Liveship, constructed of magical wizard wood. Only a Liveship could brave the dangers of the Rain Wild River, and we’re counting on her namesake to keep us safe as well. Her story is told in Robin Hobb’s fantasy trilogy  The Liveship Traders.

Model: Caliber 40LRC (Long Range Cruiser)
Builder: Caliber Yachts, Inc., Clearwater, FL
Web site: http://www.caliberyacht.com
Brochure Download (PDF)
Length Overall: 40′ 11″
Length Waterline: 32 ‘6″
Beam: 12′ 8″  I wish it was less getting into some slips
Draft: 5′ 5″   sometimes still too deep!
Headroom: 6′ 4″  but there are still plenty of places to bump our heads!
Displacement: 21,000 lbs  plus water, fuel, provisions, warm bodies
Ballast: 9,500 lbs  steel ingots and concrete
Sail Area: 739 sq ft  Seems like much more when it’s too windy.
Main Luff: 45′ 9″  We try not to.
Main Foot: 13′ 3″
Jib Height: 50′ 6″  There’s also a furling staysail when the 125% jib is too much
Jib Base: 17’ 3″
Water Tanks: 165 gal
Fuel Tanks: 212 gal
Power (Diesel): 54 hp Yanmar
Est Power Range: 1,500 nm



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