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When Alan and I had the epiphany “we could live on a boat,” we began a 6 year journey to get trained, buy a boat and finally cast off the dock lines to officially join the cruising life. On Sept. 29, 2011 we finally did just that aboard our beautiful Caliber 40 LRC, Vivacia, accompanied by our unwilling cat, Mimi. We enjoyed 5 years up and down the Baja in the Sea of Cortez and mainland Mexico, with side trips on catamarans to and/or in French Polynesia, the BVIs, and the Bahamas.

In 2017 we moved aboard a 2008 Antares 44i Catamaran in Florida and began a new chapter of adventures on the east coast of the US. So far the only sailing side trip from there has been a catamaran charter in Croatia.

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Boat Card Bkgrd 3


Vivacia framed by the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

Thank you for visiting our blog!


39 Responses to Welcome to s/v Vivacia’s blog!

  1. Susan Bradley says:

    Dear Elizabeth and Alan and Mimi,
    Thank you so much for sharing. We love the new blog and would very much like to receive new posts!
    Mark and Susan

  2. michael cardwell says:

    Just a note to let you know I first talked to you at the Oakland Boat show and have been following your web site ever since. Love the new web site, almost as much as I love your boat.
    I have two quick question, how do you like the in mast roller furling, and the caliber 40 in general??
    Enjoy your trip south.
    S/V Wigwam
    Marina Bay

    • SailVivacia says:

      Mike – that’s fantastic, thank you!
      The roller furling is very convenient and works flawlessly as long as you treat it right. We’ve learned the hard way not to cut corners in our heading when bringing it in an out. We love the Caliber 40 very much and have no regrets about choosing it as our home and protector. I’ll email you more about both rather than comment here. -e

  3. Jerry Pentin says:

    Happy sails to the both of you…

  4. So glad you are blogging about your adventures. Love seeing pics too!
    Wishing you a great adventure!

  5. Fantastic! Adventures, blog, photos, everything. Can’t help thinking how much our dads would love to be in on the conversation! We sympathize with Mimi (our cats expressed similar sentiments when we were in the RV), but enthusiastically endorse the whole enterprise!

    • SailVivacia says:

      You are so right about the dads! I don’t think back in the 70s when my only interest in the Alberg 35 was sunbathing on the foredeck that my dad would have ever imagined I’d end up like this! Thanks for the enthusiastic support!

  6. Patricia LaSalle says:

    You guys rock – hope you are having the time of your life – you both deserve it! We wish you smooth water and light breezes!

  7. Debbie Stecher says:

    Love keeping up with you and your travels! Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving -small group this year -Tracy was with us and mom, Kim and Owen and some good friends -really nice day. Off to Atlanta on Monday. I know your having fun! Debbie

    • SailVivacia says:

      Sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving! We had a great time at Alan’s sister’s house with his mom and a few others there too. Hope Atlanta is having nice weather! Miss you guys! e

  8. Good to see you are enjoying your adventure, our turn will come in just a few months.
    Lisa and I hope to see you in Mexico next year, for now we wish you “Bon Vent”…

  9. Kim Schmutzler says:

    We couldn’t happier for you, unless we were rafted together.. You both have such amazing spirits we had not doubts you would make it….

  10. Denny says:

    Hi Alan and Elizabeth. Alan, I had a nice visit with your Mom this week, and she mentioned you two were taking off for parts unknown and that you would be blogging along the way. I loved the stories and pictures – your boat is beautiful, and if you don’t mind, I’d like to follow along reading your adventures as you go. I’m sure you realize you’re living a dream, and land-locked folks like myself are a bit envious. The best of luck to you both, and have a blast.

    Denny Schuberg

    • SailVivacia says:

      Hi Denny,

      Great to hear from you, and we’re glad you like the blog. I have to hand it to Elizabeth; the blog is really her handiwork and the product of much hard work. By all means, follow along as we go. The posts will probably be somewhat erratic in their frequency, but we will try to let everyone know what we’re up to.

      All the best to you and your family.

      Merry Christmas,


  11. Jackie Zinberg says:

    Hi Liz, & Alan,
    I finally did it! O.K.,started to do it. The pix in Scotland are incredible. I love Julia’s apt. Glad to see that your mom went too. She’s incredible.

    • Ben Barfield says:

      old man…that is a great Old Man and the Sea Beard and coming from Old GreyBeard like me that is saying something..great stuff keep it up

  12. Dale Baggs says:

    Hang on to your sails we actually bookmarked the Blog, looking forward to following your adventures. Thanks again for a great day sailing. Wishing you a speedy recovery Elizabeth!
    Love you guys,
    Chris and Dale

  13. Ben Barfield says:

    Old Man…I like the “Old Man and the Sea LOOK you have on your face.
    Congrats on the sail adventure.

    • SailVivacia says:

      Old Man,

      Glad you’re checking out the blog. Thanks for the kudos on the bearded look; I’ve been planning it for a long time, and I’m definitely enjoying not shaving every day! Besides, my dermatologist says anything I can do to keep the sun off my skin is a good thing. I hope you were able to “subscribe” to the blog, so you’ll be able to get a notice when we make a new post. One is in the works right now, as a matter of fact.

  14. Patricia says:

    Hey you two both look so relaxed yet energized – hope you are enjoying yourselves!

    Here’s to a great 2012!!

  15. John "Specs" Lanham (that's Ol' Weird John, to my friends) says:

    Hey, I miss youse guys!!!! When are you completing the outfitting and heading to the southern waters?


  16. chris cusimano says:

    Alan Bradley .. Your Living the Dream !
    how is it ? …..

    • SailVivacia says:

      “Living the dream” is right. You know how they say that cruising is working on your boat in beautiful and exotic places. Well, San Diego is beautiful — if not too exotic — and I’m definitely working on boat projects while we wait for Elizabeth’s shoulder to be ready for us to move on. We could be stuck in much worse places, that’s for sure. Don’t get the wrong impression; I’m anxious to continue our journey, but I’m lovin’ every day!

  17. Hello Old Friend (you can take “old” anyway you wish),

    Hokey Smokes, Bullwinkle, what surprises a few years can bring. I was tidying up my address list and decided to see if you were still cranking out video goodies. Short answer: Not on Your Life. Very fun what can be found on the internet these days, and even more fun to see you on such an amazing life adventure. Good for you, dude. You look happy, and I can’t think of anyone who deserves it more. Such a natural crusty Old Salt 🙂

    Maybe some day we’ll catch up, but if not I have memories of friendship from a life long past. I wouldn’t care to repeat those days, but I will always know they were made better with no small amount of support from you.


  18. Leslie Thomas says:

    Just wanted you to know that I HAVE connected to your blog and I am reading some of the stories and sharing the pictures with your mom and some of the other “sailors”. It looks perfectly lovely! Just to let you know, we are now cloudy and rainy and cool. Our lovely warm begining of Spring is gone.

  19. michael cardwell says:

    Elizabeth so happy to read that you and Alan and Mimi have made it to the Sea of Cortez.
    Best wishes and following seas while you are down there.
    Loved your recap of the trip down.
    Mike Cardwell
    S/V Wigwam
    Marina Bay

  20. Patricia says:

    Holy cow – I got seasick simply reading your words – and Mimi is my hero for surviving those high seas! Congrats on making it to LaPaz – and enjoy the fruits of your labors!

  21. Dear Alan, Elizabeth and Mimi,

    Practical Sailor magazine (www.practical-sailor.com) is updating its used sailboat reviews and looking for high-resolution (300 dpi) color images of the Caliber 40 LRC. Specifically, we are looking for photos of boats under sail, but good photos of the cockpit, deck, and interior would be appreciated. If you would like to help Practical Sailor with this project and feature your boat in the upcoming reviews, please send them to ps.reviews@belvoirpubs.com. Please include your contact information and any known details about the boat where relevant (owner, year, boat name, home port, etc.). Thank you very much for your support.

    Any questions about the project may be directed to Practical Sailor editor Darrell Nicholson at practicalsailor@belvoirpubs.com.


    Tighe Mullins
    Editorial Assistant

    Practical Sailor
    7820 Holiday Dr. S.
    Suite 315
    Sarasota, FL 34231

  22. Hey you guys – Happy New Year – I am sure 2013 will be filled with the same amazing adventures you have enjoyed (or not so much) since leaving California!


  23. Chuck Clancy says:

    Elizabeth, Alan
    Just a quick note from Chevroid (for a bit longer anyway) Chuck Clancy :
    I check your blog every month or two and I never cease to be amazed at what you guys are doing. Keep having the time of your lives and stay safe.

  24. don conant says:

    Hi Elizabeth & Alan & Mimi,
    Love your posts and pictures! We just started a new magazine & I’d love to talk with you about publishing one of your posts.. Can you email me to discuss? Thank you,
    Happy New Year!
    Don Conant

  25. brabin99@gmail.com says:

    Hi Alan and Elizabeth,
    I very much enjoyed your blog. Congrats on your new boat and may you enjoy many more adventures. You mentioned that Vivacia is now for sail; my wife and I are interested in a Caliber and soon following in your footsteps. Please be in touch by email if she is still on the market. Thanks and best wishes.

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